Property Development

In collaboration with multiple community stakeholders and investors, Omni plans, designs and builds quality housing for low-to-moderate income families. Projects involve new construction as well as the total restoration of existing structures.

Omni specializes in undertaking development projects in distressed urban neighborhoods where economic and social factors often conspire to hinder revitalization. To date, Omni has developed approximately 1,400 units of affordable housing for home ownership and rental, including 913 units of federal Section 8 housing.

Property Management

Property management services are currently provided under contract with Wingate Management with of Newton, Massachusetts and WinnResidential Management Services with regional headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. These management services include marketing, tenant selection, property maintenance, and resident support services.

Wingate is an experienced property manager with more than 16,000 units under management, our Property Management team knows how to enhance property value, as well as the quality of life for all residents.

WinnResidential is a subsidiary of the Winn Companies, which has developed or helps manage over 50 housing projects in 10 US states.

Resident Relations

Omni’s service area is the entire state of Rhode Island, with developments in 3 counties, specifically in the cities of Woonsocket, North Providence, Providence and Coventry.

However, Omni’s major area of geographic concentration has been the capital City of Providence, where 742 units (72%) of its total rental units are located. Within Providence, the targeted areas are the South Providence, Elmwood and West End neighborhoods, which have a combined total of 542 units. The primary population served is low-to-moderate income families earning 30% – 80% of the state’s median income. Many of Omni’s units are rent-subsidized, including Section 8 housing.

Omni’s newest development in Waterbury, Ct provides housing to 122 families.

In addition, Omni has focused on creating housing opportunities for lower-income families, as well as for the elderly, the disabled and, more recently, for homeless veterans.